About Us


Sportzzheads is a small black-owned business founded by a young entrepreneur from Louisiana. I, Jadon Johnson, the owner and founder of this brand, am dedicated to providing top quality sports jewelry to athletes and sports fans. I am from Louisiana and have been running this business since 2019.

I am an athlete myself and I can honestly say that I love running this business not for the money but for the connection I have with athletes. My necklaces have been used as heartfelt gifts from one athlete to another and these moments create memories that last a lifetime and I'm happy to say I have a part in that. I run this brand on my own to create a trustworthy online store where athletes and sports fans can come and get some high-quality sports necklaces at low prices. All orders and support is highly appreciated and help me to grow and fund myself and my business!


"Trust Your Game"

Our motto is "Trust Your Game". Sportzzheads provides jewelry for athletes as a confidence booster and for them to put more trust in their game. I recognized that athletes could perform 200x better when they have a good source of confidence. So I went on and created a brand that provides stylish, and unique sports necklaces that brings out the best in athletes and helps them trust themselves and their athletic abilities.

I mean who wouldn't want a necklace that builds confidence? We all know that at times in the clutch you get the butterflies, so having a nice necklace on while you do what you do best wouldn't be too bad would it?

As I am an athlete myself, I saw the need for motivation and unique necklaces in the sports industry, so I went ahead and turned that demand into a brand. Seeing my customers styling my necklaces motivates me to want to continue to push forward and get more of my necklaces in the hands of more athletes! So I thank you for supporting my small black-owned business and joining me on this great journey. All orders are highly appreciated and help my business grow.


Jadon Johnson,